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Restaurant Furniture

An Exclusive Collection of Hospitality Furniture

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Alida Seating will work with you to custom design a booth specially to fit your brand and style. We use only the highest quality materials and have a huge selection of textiles to choose from. Whatever your need; from single, double, sectional, or curved, to even custom ottomans made to match, we can create the seating that is right for you.

Custom Upholstered Booths


Restaurant seating is an essential part of any dining establishment. Whether in luxury restaurants or laid-back bars, giving customers a pleasant and soothing place to sit improves their whole experience. Give your visitors the appropriate seating options to encourage longer stays, which can boost sales and foster a good first impression. To make every dining area feel just right, we provide seating in a range of heights, materials, and styles.

  • Wooden Chairs

  • Wooden Barstools

  • Metal Chairs

  • Metal Barstools

Restaurant Seating

Restaurant tables are crucial elements of any dining space, whether you own a fancy dining establishment or a small cafe. These tables complement your dining room and are available in a wide range of styles, types, and sizes. To create a visual appeal to your area, you can choose tops with striking textures, or you can go with more neutral choices to let other elements of your design take the stage.

  • Melamine Faced Tops

  • Veneer Wood Tops

  • Granite Tops

  • Phenolic 3/4" Tops

  • Butcher Block 3" Tops

  • Self-Edged Laminate Tops

Restaurant Tables


By selecting the appropriate table bases for your business, you may add your own distinctive touch to your dining area. With our extensive assortment of table bases, you can rely on durable, appealing restaurant seating. Outfit any kind of restaurant area, as we provide both bar height and standard size table bases. To finish your restaurant dining room tables, attach a pedestal, cantilever, or end-post table base to each of your current restaurant tabletops.

  • Pedestal Cross Bases

  • Pedestal Square Bases

  • Cantilever Bases

  • Bolt-Down Pedestal Bases

  • Ornate Pedestal Bases

  • End-Post Table Bases

Table Bases

Find the ideal outdoor restaurant furniture to transform your cafe patio or hotel rooftop into a tranquil outdoor space. Our collection of commercial patio furniture is made to withstand weathering caused by the sun, wind, rain, and snow. You will have everything you need to create a comfortable, welcoming environment thanks to the wide selection of products.

  • Metal Banquettes

  • Slotted Metal Patio Tables

  • Metal Patio Chairs

  • Metal Patio Barstools

  • Outdoor Upholstery

  • Metal Cabanas

Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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