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Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers to Make Appetizers, Entrees, & More



Frymaster's catalog of products goes beyond commercial fryers and encompasses almost everything you could need to keep your equipment up to par. From pasta cookers to fryer baskets, fryer screens, and even replacement internal parts,

  • Gas Fryers

  • Electric Fryers

  • Oil-Conserving Fryers

  • Fry Dump Stations

  • High Efficiency Fryers

  • Economy Fryers

  • Filtering Systems

  • Oil Transporters


Pitco® products are designed to fit with whatever type of power hookup your restaurant or institution has, either gas or electric. They also carry split pot fryers so you can prepare two different types of fried food at once. Pitco® fryers make it easy to cook delicious, crispy french fries, chicken fingers, and onion rings.

  • ROV Gas Fryers

  • Solstice Supreme Gas Fryers

  • Solstice Gas Fryers

  • Economy Gas Fryers

  • ROV Electric Fryers

  • Solstice Electric Fryers

  • Economy Electric Fryers

  • Flat Bottom Fryers

  • Rack Fryers

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