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Air Curtains

Maintain Consistent Temperatures with Air Curtains



Air curtains from Berner separate environments with controlled streams of air, creating an air seal. Berner air curtain parts create healthy, comfortable environments that save energy through heat and conditioned air containment. 

  • Architectural Air Curtains

  • Commercial Air Doors

  • Sanitation Certified Air Curtains

  • Industrial Air Curtains

  • Air Curtains & Air Doors for Hazardous Environments

  • Air Entrance Systems


GSW is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing premium quality Foodservice and Custom Made Equipment that can be sold at the most competitive prices. 

  • For commercial application

  • Fire proof and anti-erosive metal case

  • Strengthened blower

  • Best for food service facility

  • Door micro switch included

  • UL Certified

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